More Links for Episode 02: One Browser to Rule Them All…

On this week’s episode J.D. and I discussed my search for a browser that would sync my bookmarks across multiple OSes and devices. The hunt was precipitated by my frustration with the Safari browser. Of course you could save yourself a lot of hassle and just throw money at the problem by signing up for a service like Xmarks but with two mini-Kaisers at home I have to watch every pfennig.

I settled on a dual approach with Atomic Web Browser and Skyfire for Flash enabled sites on my iPad. I also tried the stripped down, very fast, and apparently home brewed Perfect Web Browser. Mercury, from iLegendSoft, offers support for Firefox Sync but I found the Firefox Home app easier to use for accessing my bookmarks.

On the Google Android front I encountered many of the same apps that I did on iOS. The zippy Puffin Browser is available on iOS and Android and supports Flash. Dolphin HD is also available on both platforms but despite the developers claim that it is easy to use I found it difficult to get used to.

If you’ve listened to Episode 02 you already know that Opera and Firefox both came the closest to being the one browser to rule them all but a strong contender was Maxthon. No support for Mac OS X forced it out of the race but It is an impressive browser on iPad, Windows and Android.



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