PTJ 173: We’re Back! And so is CES

It’s the first week of January and the streets of the Big Apple, the city that (allegedly) never sleeps, are quiet. The Holiday tourists have gone home. Perpetually grumpy New Yorkers are enjoying our short respite from the out-of-towners we love to hate.

But the streets of another sleepless city tell a different story this week. Las Vegas is jam-packed with thousands of gadget nerds reveling in the consumer technology bacchanal that is CES. This year the event features 3,600 exhibiting companies and over 200 conference sessions.

We’ve girded our loins for the onslaught of hyperbolic press releases and breathless on-the-scene reports to bring you the latest news from the desert party.

Also on the show, J.D. shares tips to help us budget our money using online data and El Kaiser gives us his take on the goings on in Nevada this week.

It’s 2016. The podcast revolution continues!

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