PTJ 189: Stock Answers

Apple’s earnings report and subsequent stock tumble last week made the headlines, despite the fact that the company was fairly accurate in its own forecasts. Even though billionaire investor Carl Icahn dumped his shares, long-time Apple watchers were not too concerned. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, made an appearance on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show to explain the company’s path forward into new markets. So, should Apple investors still be worried? What does it all mean? One longtime shareholder, Don Donofrio, drops by Pop Tech Jam’s studio headquarters with his thoughts on the topic, along with a roundup of analysts’ commentary and even a spreadsheet. Elsewhere in the episode, El Kaiser and J.D. also delve into the week’s tech headlines, including new patent filings for super-special contact lenses and a couple of new keyboard apps to make texting more animated.

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