PTJ 265: Just Over the Ridge

Congratulations to the sound team on Dunkirk for the Oscars — we here at Pop Tech Jam had a feeling you were going to win!

But now that we know who won the 2018 Academy Awards, life is still full of burning questions: Who am I? What is my place in the universe? Why do the Klingons on Star Trek: Discovery look so different from the Klingons in the rest of the canonical series?  This week, El Kaiser and J.D. discuss The Klingon Question after tackling the technology news of the moment. naDev ‘oH Qap!

Links to Stories Discussed on This Week’s Episode

Star Trek Continuity

2 thoughts on “PTJ 265: Just Over the Ridge”

  1. Thank you so much JD and Pedro! This is Tom that left Pedro the DM about the Klingons. I love your podcast and have been listening since your old show with the NYTimes. I was so honored to be mentioned and also to have so much discussion about the Klingons.

    I grew up with Star Trek: TNG (and subsequently DS9 and Voyager), and to your point, that Star Trek world IS my world! It inspired me to be a scientists and a scifi writer and gave me hope for the future (even though I know it’s fiction). It helps me think about what we could be. That’s why Star Trek continuity (and the Klingons) are so important to me! it made my day to hear your debate!

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