PTJ 334: Grand Central Tracin’

Contact tracing! It’s all the rage around the world as countries try to track the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus though voluntary smartphone apps. In this week’s news segment, El Kaiser and J.D. discuss the various approaches these apps take before moving on to other headlines around the tech world. El Kaiser also shares his adventures with cloning a hard drive. All this and more on PTJ 334!

Links to News and Stuff Discussed on This Week’s Show

2 thoughts on “PTJ 334: Grand Central Tracin’”

  1. A request for you, Pedro, the audiophile. A musician wants to post some material on YouTube. You cover headphones so well – could you think about doing a spot on *microphones* or where to get good advice on buying microphones especially for music? The kind of product that isn’t so far in the high end that it meets the needs of someone looking for music studio quality (requiring extra a lot of extra specialized equipment) but also something beyond the cellphone or cheap add-on accessory.

  2. ** Thank you **

    Only listened to it two times so far … lots of material … need more listens in order to absorb more fully.

    Thank you again for passing on your expertise and for being so responsive to a request!

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