PTJ 366: The Return of Pop Tech Jam

After a year trapped in The Joker’s lair, El Kaiser and J.D. staged a daring escape through Gotham’s subway tunnels …oh, never mind.

After a year of life events and work schedules GETTING IN THE WAY OF THINGS, El Kaiser and J.D. are back with some thoughts on recent developments in the technology and pop-culture worlds.

We’ve missed y’all.

8 thoughts on “PTJ 366: The Return of Pop Tech Jam”

  1. Pedro! I got an Apple Watch for Christmas.

    Truth = I’ve turned almost everything off on it.

    Sometimes. Sometimes I control my podcasts from it. Texts = Off. Email = Off. Most notifications = Off. Heck! I only use one watch face.

    Sometimes. Sometimes it’s nice to see who’s calling because – who the heck CALLS anymore. If it’s voice it’s usually something bad or a telemarketer.

    Anyway, I won’t be getting a second one when the time comes.

    So great to hear from you and JD again!

    Love it! Love you both!

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