Which is better — paying big bucks for the in-theater movie experience, or waiting a couple months and watching the flick at home? Are streaming services jacking their monthly prices too high for the average consumer? What’s with all this renewed global interest in the Moon and what’s going on with our Mars missions? And: are we ready to see holiday merch for sale while we’re in Back to School shopping mode? El Kaiser and J.D. discuss all of these pressing topics — and more — on Episode 370 of Pop Tech Jam!

2 thoughts on “PTJ 370: SPACE WARS AND MOON BASES”

  1. Hello JD & Pedro,

    Just love the show. Have for years.

    Pedro, I’m looking to build myself an old fashioned, but with current components, stereo system.

    Integrated tuner, CD player, bookshelf speakers, and turn table.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on building a two-channel sound system.

    Perhaps for a future segment.

    Keep it up please. I do love hearing you two riffing off each other.


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