Star Trek Into Discussion

As we mentioned on Episode 48, Star Trek Into Darkness has been open for a week. The reviews are in and the Trekologists are debating the movie’s perceived merits and flaws.

Aggregate scores for the film landed in the high 80s on Rotten Tomatoes, were slightly lower on MetaCritic and a review roundup on ScreenRant was generally positive. Ain’t It Cool News took quite a liking to the film, posting spoiler-lite and megaspoiler reviews.

Star_Trek_Into_DarknessGeekcentric sites like io9 (which also did a spoiler FAQ) and Wired were not feeling the love for the film, however. The Mary Sue blog liked it as popcorn-consumption vehicle but not so much as a bonafide Star Trek picture., SlashFilm and Empire all weighed in with thoughtful analysis and plenty of plot points, so see the film first unless you don’t like surprises. (NFL rookies woke up and commented as well.)

But in the end, the only opinion that matters is your own. Live long and ponder. So, what did you think?

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