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PTJ 152: We get Invaded!

On this very special HeadStepper Media crossover event we are joined by singer, songwriter and blogger Janifer Cheng to talk about her new podcast co-hosted by none other than El Kaiser himself.

The Mass Invasion podcast and blog is simply pure, unadulterated geekery. Their mission is to up your pop-culture game but before that happens, you all must answer one very simple question.

Are you in?

PTJ 141: Let’s All Go To The Movies

This summer is shaping up to be a Geek movie lover’s dream with Disney’s Marvel and Disney studios dominating multiplexes but do not despair! Their are many other geektastic offerings unspooling over the next few hot and sticky months and we’ll list a few of them for you.

Go ahead and grab a bucket of popcorn and a barrel of your favorite soft drink and join J.D. and El Kaiser at the picture show!