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Episode 07: Platforms and the Chunkiest Tech News Around

This week futurist, polymath, technology expert, and author Phil Simon visits Pop Tech Jam. In the news segment J.D. and Pedro crank up the rumor mill, Microsoft gets into the touch screen business get set to release the latest version of their OS. Also in the news Google gets a smackdown from the U.S. government, the DNSChanger threat and a new Open Source game console gets ready to make a play for your living room.

Episode 06: Yankee Doodle Jamming

Independence Holiday here in the U.S. but no rest for J.D. and Pedro. Google introduces new Nexus branded gear, Facebook’s default email kerfuffle continues, and Amazon gets knocked off of its cloud. Pedro explains cramming in a new Tech Term and J.D. has helpful hints for protecting electronics from the summer sun.