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PTJ 183: The Ships at Sea and All the Boys in Khaki

Ebooks are hot and romance-novel ebooks are even hotter, as the genre pulling in huge sales every year.  On this week’s episode, journalist Laura M. Holson discusses how the ebook industry has created the need for more male models to grace the digital covers of these romantic reads. Meanwhile, El Kaiser and J.D. ponder the headlines, including Apple’s week of new products and pitfalls, Amazon’s urgent warning to Kindle owners, the rolling robot that delivers pizza and the hazards of letting Internet users suggest names for large important government research ships.

PTJ 179: Code Warriors

Questions, we have questions this week. Will Apple be able to stand up to the Justice Department over creating back doors into its software?  Will Old Media and New Media ever figure each other out? Will we soon be able to pay for purchases with our faces? These are just some of the talking points on this week’s episode of Pop Tech Jam as journalist Laura M. Holson rejoins El Kaiser and J.D. at the podcast table, fresh off her trip to last week’s Code/Media Conference in California.

PTJ 170: Bluetooth Ducks and Non-Hovering Hoverboards

This week multimedia journalist  Laura M. Holson, just back from an extended stay in Silicon Valley, returns to the show and fills us in on the Hoverboard craze gliding its way across the country from the West Coast. Of course J.D. and El Kaiser take a snarky look at the week’s tech news but can decide what to make of a Bluetooth-enabled rubber duckie.

PTJ 156: Creation Sensation

The Ashley Madison Hackpocalypse shows no signs of fading away, Google has brought back its Map Maker tool (now with adult supervision) and the Japanese have sent whiskey into space. J.D. and El Kaiser march through these stories and more in the weekly roundup of geek news.

Technology has changed many aspects of daily life — including how we express ourselves through music, art, photography and more. Laura M. Holson drops by to discuss how people are finding outlets for their creativity with mobile apps. If you want to play along at home, check these out:

DubSmash lets you lip-sync the hits in Vine-like clips. (Check out how much fun the the stars of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter had with the app this summer — and now there’s even a contest for charity brewing.) Oh, and it’s free for Android and iOS.

• GarageBand is music-making software for OS X and iOS and even if you don’t know the first thing about multitrack recording or writing your own songs, you’ll learn fast with this gem of a program. It’s $5 if it didn’t already come on your device and the help guide can be, well, helpful.

Paper By FiftyThree  is a free drawing, sketching and brainstorming app for the iPad.

Frontback uses your smartphone’s front and rear cameras to take two images that are then shared as a single photo or video. It’s free for Android and iOS.

Disney Frozen: Story Theater lets you create your own stories using characters and props from Disney’s unstoppable 2013 animated ice-princes film. (Yeah, good luck getting THAT SONG out of your head now.) The app is $5 for the iOS device of your choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s ad-free, as a disclaimer on the site warns: Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for the Walt Disney Family of Companies.

Buddha Board goes beyond the mobile app and lets you get the Zen with a $35 piece of hardware designed to let you live in the moment.

PTJ 151: Fear and Loathing In Hollywood

Laura Holson is back! This week The New York Times reporter joins us to discuss how Hollywood is running scared from Silicon Valley, the Interwebz…and the San Diego Comic-Con?

In the news, the Ashley Madison “dating” site is hacked; the Pebble smartwatch is about to get retail presence;  Apple releases a new iPod touch; Samsung decides that if they can’t beat the Apple iPad, they’ll make their own; and Twinkies for EVERYONE!

PTJ 145: Just Give Chris Pratt the Fedora and Whip Already

Apple and Google had big splashy product announcements while we were away but don’t despair, J.D. fills us in on what the two tech behemoths are foisting on us and what the technorati have to say about it.

Also on the show our good friend and frighteningly talented reporter Laura M. Holson joins us to discuss the recent TEDWomen conference and, more importantly, her initial reactions to the latest CGI filled dino-romp “Jurassic World” starring the always entertaining Chris Pratt.

And speaking of Mr. Pratt.

If the producers of the rumored Indiana Jones reboot would just size the man up for a fedora and a whip, that would be great.