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PTJ 330: Pity the world

As the COVID-19 virus batters the global economy, El Kaiser and J.D. continue to self-isolate and offer up their own ideas to keep from getting too shackwacky. This week’s episode also takes a quick look at recent technology news, including two online gifts from Sir Patrick Stewart. PTJ 330, engage!

PTJ 101: The PTJ Players Present: “The Jedi Doth Return”

jediSo what comes after William Shakespeare’s Star Wars and William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back? Why, William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return, of course!

Author Ian Doescher has completed his journey to the verse side with his translation of the Episode VI into iambic pentameter, now available in stores — and on the Quirk Books website. Once again, actor Francis Mateo joins J.D. and El Kaiser in the studio for a few selected scenes. If you’re new to the Pop Tech Jam Players, you can hear excerpts from Mr. Doescher’s first two volumes on previous episodes here and here. May the Force be with thou!




The Pop Tech Jam Players Present: The Empire Striketh Back

El Kaiser and J.D. may be on spring break this week, but The Pop Tech Jam Players are back in action with selections from Ian Doescher’s recently released William Shakepeare’s The Empire Striketh Back. Like his previous work, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars®, Mr. Doescher retells a familiar tale in iambic pentameter — the same verse style used by a certain Bard of Avon to create some of civilization’s most enduring dramatic works. Actor and poet Francis Mateo returns to the studio to provide vocal talent for a few  classic scenes from the beloved Episode V, as reinterpreted in verse. (And stay tuned this summer, as we hear The Jedi Doth Return.)


J.D. and a freshly tanned El Kaiser return next week with the latest tech news, righteously rowdy rants and (hopefully) helpful hints.
Until then, may the Force be with you.