UPDATE: The Kaiser Chooses a New Default Desktop Web Browser…and Continues Referring to Himself in the 3rd Person

Long time listeners know I don’t do the “change thing” so well. Actually, that’s not 100% accurate. What I don’t do is hop on bandwagons. I am NOT an early adopter. Every time I go against my better judgement and get the newest breathlessly over-hyped doohickey or doodad I am invariably burned. Exhibit A: the Blackberry Playbook. I rest my case.

I’ve been a Firefox user for ages, but only after waiting an appropriate time while it worked out its kinks in beta, and learned to accept the pokiness of running the 32-Bit app on my 64-Bit Windows machines. When the super-speedy Google Chrome came along I tried to love it but I’m still not comfortable with it. The Chrome icon sits on my Windows 7 desktop like a sports car that spends most of its existence under wraps in the garage, only making rare appearances to impress friends.

Enter the Mozilla-based Waterfox 64-Bit browser. The makers of Waterfox 13 claim it is the fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox. While I can’t claim to have speed tested every 64-Bit variant of Firefox out there I can say with certainty that it is an incredibly fast desktop browser for Windows — but still not as fast as Chrome. Doesn’t matter to me at all though since what sold me on Waterfox is that it looks identical to Firefox PLUS all my add-ons worked without a hitch. The speed difference between Waterfox and Firefox is significant on my desktop with an 8 core CPU but still quite noticeable on my laptops. While Waterfox 13 won’t be capturing all that many checkered flags it won’t be eating much dust either.

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