PTJ 376: Retro Fever

El Kaiser and J.D. take a walk down a repaved Memory Lane on this installment of Pop Tech Jam, discussing the growing public interest in old 20th-century analog treasures like film cameras, vinyl records — and “X-Men” cartoons. Later in the show, El Kaiser reviews a pair of sleek wooden headphones, the Meze 99 Noir model. All this and more here on PTJ 376!

PTJ 375: AI Heats Up

El Kaiser and J.D. discuss the Humane AI pin’s public release and its flameout with critics and consumers. But there’s no slowing the wave of AI-enhanced products hurtling into the world, so this week’s episode ponders just a few of them — and the impact on life as we know it at the moment. All this and more on PTJ 375!