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Hi, there! You’re probably wondering about the new episode of Pop Tech Jam. Are they on vacation again?  Are they in line for the new Avengers movie? Did they do a show this week? If they did a show, well, where is it? Did something get unplugged?

Here’s the scoop: We’re switching podcast hosts — and that’s taking some time. But don’t worry — we’ll be back as soon as we get our technical issues fixed.

El Kaiser and J.D.

PTJ 269: Flying Solo

Mark Zuckerberg lands in the Congressional hot seat this week over Facebook’s role in user privacy protection and the social network’s influence on life, culture and election interference. After a march through the current tech headlines with J.D., El Kaiser has a roundup review of earplugs for those times when you need to screen out all that infernal noise around you. Jump into Episode 269 to hear for yourself!

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El Kaiser’s Earplug Roundup

PTJ 268: Rock ‘Em, Shock ‘Em

El Kaiser and J.D. return from Spring Break and head right into the news of the week, which includes Spotify’s initial public offering, an iPad update from Apple, background information on the latest credit-card hack and this year’s collection of April Fools jokes by corporate America. J.D. also takes a look at the revamped version of Mozilla Firefox — and new changes on the way to make it a “mixed reality” browser. Come join us for Episode 268!

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Firefox Rising