Ten Forward

Technical preview versions of Windows 10 have been out there for months and have already started to get reviews from testers, but Microsoft had a big Windows 10 event last week anyway. Part progress report and part consumer preview, the event also served as a reminder than the much-maligned Windows 8.1 is not long for this world. One thing … Continue reading Ten Forward



Put Your Hands in The Air and Wave Them Like You Just Want to Close an App

This is the scene that sparked my interest in gesture recognition technology. It’s a clip from the mostly forgettable mid-90’s Sci-Fi clunker Johnny Mnemonic adapted from a story by William Gibson. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, a man with a cybernetic brain implant designed to store data, allowing him to act as a courier of … Continue reading Put Your Hands in The Air and Wave Them Like You Just Want to Close an App



PTJ 126 News: Dawn of a New Day

The Federal Communications Commission’s new rules for Net Neutrality are scheduled for a vote on February 26th, but that has not stopped Congress from doing something in the meantime. Republican leaders put out draft legislation this week that prohibits the FCC from reclassifying broadband service as regulated public utility like radio, television and telephone, as President … Continue reading PTJ 126 News: Dawn of a New Day



(Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Anti-Freeze

Winter has slammed into most of the United States, bringing with it the inevitable bouts of bad weather and hazardous travel. Just look at the massive ice-related highway pile-ups we’ve seen already this season in New York state, Michigan, Oregon — and even closer to home just this past weekend in the Philadelphia area due … Continue reading (Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Anti-Freeze


project hotspot

PTJ 125 News: Borrowers and Lenders

Forget the Drama Llama — the Irony Rhino went charging through the room this week. The same day President Barack Obama gave a big speech on the importance of, you know, cybersecurity , the Twitter and YouTube accounts for the US military’s Central Command were hacked by supporters of Islamic State. Wired magazine was among those who dismissed the hack as … Continue reading PTJ 125 News: Borrowers and Lenders



“Star Trek”-worthy Products from CES 2015

Those 170,000 captives and 3,600 exhibitors have finally escaped the 2.2 million square feet and unrelenting hype of the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show. Thousands of new products were introduced, demoed and otherwise bandied about. However, to prevent a mental core meltdown, here are just a few items from this year’s popular categories that can really … Continue reading “Star Trek”-worthy Products from CES 2015



PTJ 124 News: The Long View

The Consumer Electronics Show has lumbered into Las Vegas for its annual Unveiling O’ the Gadgets. As suspected, lots of smarthome systems, fancy TVs and wearables are in the spotlight. We’ll have a full rundown of the show next week, but some bullet points include: Samsung’s SmartThings division announced a new hub and home-monitoring service. … Continue reading PTJ 124 News: The Long View



‘Tis the (Flu) Season

We’ve made it through the holidays, with all the family fun and travel involved. So now we’re all back in the office and it’s time for us all to get . . . sick. Maybe it’s just an airplane cold or general post-holiday fatigue, but keep in mind, we are already more than a month into … Continue reading ‘Tis the (Flu) Season



PTJ 123 News: Same Old Lang Syne

Will the Drama Llama ever leave Sony’s living room?  While US officials are thinking North Korea had some help or perhaps subcontracted the job, the hermit kingdom is still denying involvement and threatening retaliation, (as it often does). Not everyone is convinced North Korea did the hit, however, as some cybersecurity experts are questioning the FBI’s investigation … Continue reading PTJ 123 News: Same Old Lang Syne



PTJ 123: More Video Tips and Top 10 Tech News

Happy New Year! For our last episode of 2014 we bring you part 2 of Jocelyn Gonzales conversation with film professionals Pete Chatmon and Anthony Artis. In this segment the hosts of The Double Down Film Show give more tips on shooting the best mobile video possible. Here’s a list of some apps and gear they discuss in … Continue reading PTJ 123: More Video Tips and Top 10 Tech News