REVIEW: Triby, the Alexa-Enabled Portable Speaker, Radio and Speakerphone from Invoxia

I didn’t know I desperately needed something like Triby in my life until I had it hanging amidst the cheesy magnets and grammar school art masterpieces on my refrigerator door. The design is reminiscent of an old school transistor radio but the portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker has a splash-proof and dirt-proof aluminum body and 2.9” … Continue reading REVIEW: Triby, the Alexa-Enabled Portable Speaker, Radio and Speakerphone from Invoxia



PTJ 192 News: Someone to Watch Over Me

Another developers’ conference has come and gone as Google wrapped up its 2016 I/O conference last week — so let’s circle back to the highlights! As expected, Android N got a further reveal from the version developers have been playing around with for the past couple months.  Google even invites Android fans to help choose … Continue reading PTJ 192 News: Someone to Watch Over Me



Summertime and the Movies are Geeky

It’s not global warming, but the traditional action-movie season felt like it began to heat up way early this year with those DC Comics stalwarts in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice blasting into theaters on March 25. Of course, the arguments about that film’s merits (or lack thereof) were still going on when the next big comic-book flick … Continue reading Summertime and the Movies are Geeky



PTJ 191 News: Advancing Torpor

Even more characters on Twitter — and we’re not even talking about the trolls!  Bloomberg is reporting that the bird-themed microblogging service will soon stop counting the characters used by web links and photos in that 140-character limit. Microsoft has big plans this summer for its Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade, like more ads for promoted … Continue reading PTJ 191 News: Advancing Torpor



(Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Sky Talker

Hate pecking away on a tiny glass keyboard? While that sort of thing may be okay for texting and other short bursts of data entry, it can become wearisome when you want to process a significant amount of words. Voice search and dictation programs have been around for a while, and both Windows and OS X … Continue reading (Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Sky Talker



PTJ 190 News: Hot Topics

Funny how that happens: Facebook has gone from curating Trending Topics to being one itself. Late last week, Gizmodo put up a post about how Facebook handled the actual people — mostly journalists — who were hired to curate the site’s news feeds and how those people were treated. That was last week. This week, Gizmodo … Continue reading PTJ 190 News: Hot Topics



(Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Set the Scene

We’ve all gotten used to using filters and camera apps on our smartphones to produce interesting photography for our social-media lives. But if you’ve still got a separate stand-alone camera and are only using it in its Automatic setting (where you just snap the photo and go with minimal fuss), you may be missing out … Continue reading (Hopefully) Helpful Hint: Set the Scene



PTJ 189 News: Eyes on the Prize

The race is on between Sony and Samsung to patent smart contact lenses that function as cameras floating atop your eyeballs. Yes, eyeball cameras.  Sony’s design even makes it hard to tell someone is even wearing an eyeball camera. But let’s not forget Google, which received a patent for a solar-powered contact lens last year and recently just … Continue reading PTJ 189 News: Eyes on the Prize



PTJ 188 News: Medieval Times

It’s felt like a blast from the past lately with all the big players in the airline industry, publishing business and now the telecommunications world merging themselves into near-monopolies. This week, the Department of Justice — with conditions — approved the marriage of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. The Consumerist blog took a look … Continue reading PTJ 188 News: Medieval Times



PTJ 187: New Earbuds and Insecure Phones

This week, a review of the IEB6 + MIC in-ear monitors from First Harmonic and the debut of a new segment we like to call “Stuff We Saw on TV”. Of course we bring you all the tech news and shenanigans you’ve come to expect from the best tech-themed podcast on this or any other galaxy. http://media.blubrry.com/poptechjam/p/www.poptechjam.com/EPISODES/PTJ_ep187.mp3Podcast: Play in … Continue reading PTJ 187: New Earbuds and Insecure Phones


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