PTJ 269: Flying Solo

Mark Zuckerberg lands in the Congressional hot seat this week over Facebook’s role in user privacy protection and the social network’s influence on life, culture and election interference. After a march through the current tech headlines with J.D., El Kaiser has a roundup review of earplugs for those times when you need to screen out all that infernal noise around you. Jump into Episode 269 to hear for yourself!

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El Kaiser’s Earplug Roundup

3 thoughts on “PTJ 269: Flying Solo”

  1. Dear El Kaiser,

    Thank you for the great Earplug Roundup. I’m wondering if you have any advise for the opposite sound need – I work in an office with a co-worker who is hard of hearing and yell wisper’s all day. This person is not only loud but also very angry. My regular earbuds with music don’t cover up the shrieking noise. Do you have any recommendations for ear plugs that don’t block out just background noise but human voices too?

    Anything you could offer would be much appreciate.

    Thank you – from a loyal fan,

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks a million! The earplugs I mentioned, except for maybe the POTGs, won’t do the trick. You may want to consider airport-style or construction site ear protection. I’ve seen several cubicle dwellers using them lately. Some manufacturers are starting to offer more stylish options. You’re looking for anything that provides sound protection levels of SNR 34dB / NRR 27dB or higher.


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