Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Old music can be new music – if you’ve never heard it before, and the inventive Radiooooo.com site is one of the options out there that can perk up your ears. It’s still in the beta stage, but if you’ve never come across the site before, Radiooooo.com presents a nice world map in your browser window, along with a series of tabs at the bottom of the window all labeled by decade:


If you want to hear what was playing in Brazil in the 1950s, click the decade and the country on the map to hear the site serve up a popular song from that place and time. (A video from the sites creators demonstrates how it all works.) It’s a great way to discover new-old tunes and lose yourself in music history for a while. The site, which started as an Indiegogo project, is currently in beta.

1940sUKRadioIf Radiooooo whets your appetite for more vintage tunes, there are plenty more to be found online with a quick search. For example, there’s the UK 1940s Radio Station, which plays classic radio shows, songs and other audio bits popular in the United Kingdom during the World War II era. The station occasionally plays news bulletins and weather reports from the period as well.

tuninOther sites, including services like Vintage Radio Shows that have apps and trial subscriptions, the old-time radio options at Live365.com and Relic Radio are also around the Web. And if you’re doing some driving this holiday season and want to download some classic old radio shows to keep you company on the crowded highway, check out the Internet Archive’s Old Time Radio collection.  Don’t forget, TuneIn Radio and other mobile apps can also pull down vintage streams, if you want to play recordings from the early 20th century on your mobile device here in the early 21st century.

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