Trading Places

The Hot Fall Gadgets of 2013 are rolling out now and several companies are trying to make it easier for you to upgrade by offering deals for your old gear. Apple and Walmart have jumped into the trade-in game and Microsoft is even trying to get in on action.

So, you want to trade – where do you go? Here are some options:

  • tradeApple. The company has had a reuse and recycling program for a few years that offers Apple Store gift cards based on the value of your old device, or at least, responsible recycling to keep the stuff out of landfills. Last month, Apple started an iPhone Reuse and Recycling program and you can even do it on a walk-in basis if you live hear one of those fancy Apple Stores. As Wired explains it, you go to the Store, snag an employee who can tell you if your particular iPhone is worthy. If it passes muster, the Apple Store person will give you a price quote on the value of your model. If you agree and take the deal, your old phone goes to Anchorhead to get its memory erased right there and you go home with a new iPhone that cost you less than what it normally would. Don’t like what’s offered? You can walk and go try someplace else.
  • Gazelle. Long a player in the recycle-for-cash game, Gazelle’s site can quickly tell you how much your old phone, tablet or computer is worth to them in cash. They also buy broken stuff.
  • Amazon. The site tries to sell you everything, so it’s only fair that it buys some of it back when you’re ready for new things. Smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players, games, speakers and more can be traded back for Amazon gift cards.
  • Microsoft. Still looking to get rid of all that Surface tablet overstock from last year’s flopped launch, Microsoft promises a $200 gift card to the Microsoft Store if you trade in your gently used iPad for oh, maybe a Surface tablet or other Windows gear.

If it’s mostly Apple stuff you’re looking to offload for cash, check out AppleInsider’s price guides page for trading your iGear. And remember, you can always donate your old phones, computers and music players to a worthy cause, and get karma points instead of a gift card.

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