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PTJ 149: Planet X Still Sounds Cooler Than Pluto

This week we go old-school PTJ and offer up a heaping helping of news along with some helpful tips about scanning documents with your mobile device and a Tech Term segment from El Kaiser. This time around he channels his inner J.D. and answers the age old question: what the heck is the difference between JPG, GIF and PNG?

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. The New Horizons spacecraft is about to get close enough to Pluto they’d be forced to marry in some states…and we couldn’t be giddier.

PTJ 142: Microsoft Changes the Paradigm

At its Ignite conference in Chicago this past week, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last version of its flagship operating system. No, they aren’t throwing in the towel in the fight for OS dominance, the boys in Redmond have decided that Windows will stop being a standalone system and instead become a service with updates and improvements rolling out regularly.

J.D. has a Hopefully Helpful Hint about what to do when your flight gets cancelled at the last minute and El Kaiser explains the tech term “Digital Detox”…and why he’ll never try it.

Don’t despair, we also feature a cubic buttload of tech news and the snarkiness and shenanigans you’ve come to expect from the best Little Tech Show in the Galaxy.

PTJ 139: Leaks, Tweaks and Freaks

El Kaiser gets his feelings hurt by Facebook but composes himself long enough to bring you another Tech Term segment and J.D. takes a look at Apple’s new Photos app. It replaces iPhoto but all is not lost if you prefer the skeumorphic magic of the fruit-themed toymaker’s original photo organizer and editor. In the news Google modifies its search algorithm; Twitter steps up efforts to fight online abuse; and the new Star Wars trailer hits us all right in the feels.

PTJ 124: Gamified For Your Listening Pleasure

It’s the first week of the new year so you know what that means! No silly, it’s CES 2015 and we’ve dedicated SEVEN HOURS of non-stop coverage on this week’s show!!!!!  All the vaporware and useless doodads you can handle on one endless episode…

Nah, we wouldn’t do that to you guys.

This week El Kaiser offers up his first Tech Term of the New Year and J.D. helps us avoid the flu with online options that can keep you from getting sick.

Oh yeah, and we talk about the goings on at that little party in the Nevada desert.

PTJ 115: We Got Your Disruption Right Here

I’ve never been one to mince words so let me just drop a truth-bomb on all of you fine folk reading this. J.D. and El Kaiser are disruptors. Period. Full stop.  If there’s any doubt, quit dawdling and listen to this episode.

Pedro breaks down Disruptive Innovation in a Tech Term segment and J.D. explains how  you may already have a basic fitness tracker right on your phone.

In the news  Google has plans for a paid version of YouTube; Motorola unveils a new Droid; Verizon Wireless force feeds some users perma-cookies; The Federal Trade Commission has files a complaint against AT&T; Not all retailers are jumping on the Apple Pay bandwagon; HTML5 is finally official; Amazon takes on the Chromecast; And finally, Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why Apple killed off the iPod Classic.

PTJ 106: Guardians of the Geekery

Summer fun is over and El Kaiser has something to get off his chest in his Tech Term this week and JD has tips on how to stream local newscasts from most of the U.S. directly to your television.

In the news, Facebook tinkers with user newsfeeds once again; Instagram releases a new app for creating time-lapse videos;  Fashion designer Ralph Lauren tests out iOS-connected nylon shirts that track the wearer’s fitness stats at the U.S. Tennis Open Championships; Hackers take down the Sony PlayStation Network; Amazon buys the game-video streaming company Twitch; the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) sounds a warning about a new Backoff malware version; Apple begins a huge push for its Beats Music app; and Hewlett-Packardrecalls its LS-15 model AC power cords due to fire and burn hazards.

PTJ 94: How Soon Is (Google) Now, Fellow Netizen?

El Kaiser looks at the Tech Term “netizen” and explains how the once innocuous mashup of “Internet” and “citizen” has come to represent a responsibility all of us should not take lightly.

In her (Hopefully) Helpful Hint segment J.D. takes a look at Google Now, the interactive virtual assistant from the “Big G” and tells us how it is slowly evolving and trying to stand out when compared to Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

In the news  AT&T has sealed the deal to buy DirectTV;  YouTube rumored to be buying the videogame-streaming company Twitch;  FBI arrests over 90 suspected cyber-criminals;  Verizon continued rolling out its zippier XLTE service across the country;   and Facebook is testing an Ask button on user profiles allowing a user to inquire about  the relationship status of your online acquaintance.

PTJ 82: Food, Cheer, and Song

Sincerest apologies to the great Federico Fellini but we here at Pop Tech Jam believe life is a combination of magic … and a White Castle Crave Case®. If you have a hankering for some regional food classics that you just can’t find in your town, J.D. harnesses the power of the Internet and shows you how to get those comfort food favorites delivered right to your door.  All the talk of food has Pedro’s stomach grumbling but he was able to fight off the hunger pangs long enough to explain what Social Engineering is and how we can all be affected by it.  In the news the F.C.C. plans on introducing a new net neutrality policy; Apple loses their appeal in an attempt to ditch a  government appointed e-book monitor; Anti-malware company Kaspersky Labs claims to have discovered a global cyber-espionage  organization; Google leases more space from NASA; and Lego considers  a new building set based the BBC’s Sherlock TV show.