An Announcement From Pop Tech Jam

Howdy, Jammers! Our apologies for the extended silence and lack of snark these past several months! We deeply regret not being able to pine for the Artemis I launch, offer our deep analysis of Andor and Wednesday and, most importantly, warm our hands over the tire fire that is now Twitter. Life got in the way of our little podcast endeavor, but we are not running for the escape pods just yet. Pedro and I are planning a reboot and return of the show in January and look forward to continuing the discussion in the new year.

Everyone have a safe and sane holiday season!

— JD

9 thoughts on “An Announcement From Pop Tech Jam”

  1. Looking forward to the reboot. This was not posted by a bot or AI. It is important to remember that podcasts such as PopTechJam help to provide the diversity of reliable information people need to keep up with innovations such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

  2. I noticed a new cover photo for your podcast feed. Does that indicate any update about new shows?

    If it’s over, long-time fans like myself would love a goodbye. Your show has meant a lot to me.

  3. Hello my lovelies.

    Eric the Mailman here. … been a while. … miss you. … any updates on the podcast?

    … miss you. (Did I say that already?)

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