Election Directions

Anaaaannnd, they’re off! This past Monday’s Iowa Caucuses for Republicans and Democrats were the first significant step in America’s quadrennial quest to (eventually) elect a commander-in-chief on November 8th. The New Hampshire primary is next week, and then things really begin to snowball as each state holds its own events. If you’re keeping a close eye on things —  or just want to know when your state is having its official presidential primary or caucus so you can go vote — here are a few sites and apps that can help you keep up-to-date on the process:

  • 2016 Election Central. Nathan Ashworth, a non-partisan political hobbyist who did the YouDecide site for the 2008 election, is back with a new venture called US Presidential Election News that rounds up debate schedules, news and primary dates and results all in one place. He’s also created a mobile app version for Android and iOS.


  • Real Clear Politics. For a data infusion of election news and current events coverage from around the Web, bookmark this site on your desktop or mobile browser.




  • League of Women Voters. Founded in 1920, the nonpartisan League does not support or oppose any politician candidates, but has worked to educate voters of all persuasions on the democratic process. In 2006, the group started the Vote411.org site as a one-stop shop for election information.


You can also keep up to date with the national public-service TV and radio offerings from C-SPAN, as well as the websites of your state/local government and national media organizations.

And when November comes: GO VOTE.

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