PTJ 283: Pop the Cork

Celebratory adult beverages were likely consumed around the technosphere these past few days as Apple became the first trillion-dollar company, Motorola announced 5G phone hardware was on the way and fans of white wine pushed for their very own emoji. El Kaiser (fresh off an appearance on the Wide Range Media podcast) and J.D. explore those stories and more, and a soon-to-be-vacationing Kaiser shares packing tips for his traveling gear bag. Grab a cold one and chill out to Episode 283!

Note: Pop Tech Jam is on vacation next week.

Links to Stories on This Week’s Show

Bonus El Kaiser Session

4 thoughts on “PTJ 283: Pop the Cork”

  1. I used to listen to you when you were under the NY Times umbrella. I lost you for a while, but have been listening to PTJ regularly since last year.

    I have a non-technical question: Why is Pedro called Kaiser?

    1. Hi, Jeffrey! Sorry for the long delay in responding, but now we’re back from vacation. Pedro will explain how he got his nickname on the next episode, but suffice it to say, it had something to so with a joke about Foursquare.

      1. Thanks for the explanation.

        Continuing in the German vein, “picklegruber” is totally made up and may have come about due to the fact that Alois Schicklgruber was (best) known as Adolf Hitler’s father. The actual name of the WW 1 helmet with the point on top is “Pickelhaube” (point+headgear). Easy to see how one morphs into the other.

        Love the pod. Keep up the good work!

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