PTJ 299: Tumblin’ Down

The winter temperatures in the American Midwest may have plummeted, but in the technology world, it’s Apple and Facebook bouncing off the floor — and into each other over user privacy. El Kaiser and J.D. chew through the events of the past week, and also pause to ponder another question: How many streaming services can one actually have until it feels like paying the same old big bucks for a cable subscription? Click up Episode 299 to hear it all!

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Swimming in Streams

2 thoughts on “PTJ 299: Tumblin’ Down”

  1. JD & Pedro–I regularly listen to your show, and enjoyed your discussion on the streaming dilemma. As a retired librarian, I wanted to point out another option for watching shows on services you don’t subscribe to–borrow the DVD or digital version from the library! We currently have the first season DVD of Star Trek Discovery checked out for the second time. We get it for a week at a time, watch three or four episodes, then put our names back on the hold list. (We watched all five seasons of The Wire that way before we subscribed to HBO) Many libraries also have digital subscription services like Hoopla and Canopy that let you borrow and watch movies and TV shows. Hoopla has an app for Roku and iOS. As for subscriptions, I’m thinking in the future we will explore serial subscriptions–subscribe to a service for two or three months, then cancel, we’ll probably do that with Starz when American Gods come back. It is a cost dilemma for sure and it will be interesting to see how things shake out in a few
    more years.

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