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Episode 59: Welcome to SNARK WEEK!

This week J.D. shares tips on how to use the web to get the perfect digital camera then she and Pedro discuss the recent announcement that veteran British actor Peter Capaldi will take a turn as the time travelling Time Lord, Doctor Who. In the news Comcast is working on a new system urging users to download copyrighted material legally; CBS and Time Warner Cable continue their Battle of the Gargantuans; Samsung maybe inching closer to unveiling a smartwatch; the FBI may be targeting Firefox users on the TOR network; and not even your toilet is immune from the hacking scourge.

Episode 50: The Wedding at Walder’s Crib

On this EARTH-SHATTERING 50th EPISODE, J.D. shares the details on websites and apps that let you explore exhibits at world class museums without ever leaving the comfort of your home and Pedro has a (spoiler-free) rant on the now infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode of “Game of Thrones”. Also on the show, El Kaiser tells the cautionary tale of  his Android phone rooting misadventures. In tech news Apple appears to be ready to unveil their long-rumored music streaming service; Amazon acquires 200 million dollars worth of Viacom-owned television shows for their Prime video streaming service; the first batch of computers featuring Intel’s Haswell processors make the scene; and the 11th Doctor prepares to exit the long running Sci-Fi adventure, “Doctor Who”.