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Stylish Styli

It may come as a surprise to, um, absolutely no one that El Kaiser can get very obsessive about certain things. Headphones? Check. Batman? Yup. Tablets? Uh d’uh. My latest fixation is with stylus pens for tablets and smartphones. The snazzier the styli, the better I say! On this week’s episode J.D. and I kick the tires on three stylus pens to determine which we like best.

First up was the $29.95 Hand Stylus. This weighted, pen-like stylus features a retractable nib that can be easily replaced when it wears down and is made from anodized aluminum.


The replacement nibs sell for $9.95 for a set of six.


Boxwave‘s no frills Capacitive Stylus was the next pen we tried out. The list price is $15 but retails on most websites for under $10.

capacitive_stylus_mainThe last pen we took a look at was the $25 wide-grip Cosmonaut stylus from StudioNeat. Like the Hand Stylus, the Cosmonaut began as a Kickstarter project before expanding into a retail operation.


Listen to Episode 44: Nibs! Nibs! Nibs! to see which of these very stylish styli J.D. and I select as our favorite.

Episode 44: Nibs! Nibs! Nibs!

J.D. shares tips on how to independently publish your own e-books and Pedro test drives some tablet and smartphone stylus pens. In the news the Associated Press has their Twitter account hacked; corporate espionage appears to be on the rise; Google Glass buzz heats up; and the Hubble Telescope celebrates its 23rd birthday.