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PTJ 101: The PTJ Players Present: “The Jedi Doth Return”

jediSo what comes after William Shakespeare’s Star Wars and William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back? Why, William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return, of course!

Author Ian Doescher has completed his journey to the verse side with his translation of the Episode VI into iambic pentameter, now available in stores — and on the Quirk Books website. Once again, actor Francis Mateo joins J.D. and El Kaiser in the studio for a few selected scenes. If you’re new to the Pop Tech Jam Players, you can hear excerpts from Mr. Doescher’s first two volumes on previous episodes here and here. May the Force be with thou!




The Pop Tech Jam Players Present: The Empire Striketh Back

El Kaiser and J.D. may be on spring break this week, but The Pop Tech Jam Players are back in action with selections from Ian Doescher’s recently released William Shakepeare’s The Empire Striketh Back. Like his previous work, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars®, Mr. Doescher retells a familiar tale in iambic pentameter — the same verse style used by a certain Bard of Avon to create some of civilization’s most enduring dramatic works. Actor and poet Francis Mateo returns to the studio to provide vocal talent for a few  classic scenes from the beloved Episode V, as reinterpreted in verse. (And stay tuned this summer, as we hear The Jedi Doth Return.)


J.D. and a freshly tanned El Kaiser return next week with the latest tech news, righteously rowdy rants and (hopefully) helpful hints.
Until then, may the Force be with you.

These Are The Books You’re Looking For

Angry Birds, which was first released as a game for iOS in December 2009, has grown into a ubiquitous franchise that has flung itself across pretty much every major gaming platform out there. In addition to t-shirts and plush toys, the game has inspired a number of books from National Geographic. The latest one is called National Geographic Angry Birds Furious Forces!: The Physics at Play in the World’s Most Popular Game by Rhett Allain, who happens to be a physics professor and a blogger for Wired.com.

bunbooksAs the title suggests, this very colorful book uses the action in the game to explain concepts like projectile motion, terminal velocity and oscillating mass. This isn’t an in-depth textbook, mind you, but a very basic introduction to physics and physical science that uses familiar characters and knowledge of the gameplay to illustrate its points.

Angry Birds Furious Forces is less than $15. It’s small and square and uses a lively graphic design and plenty of Angry Birds illustrations to keep readers flipping through the pages. Beyond books, the Angry Birds game has branched out from its original version and has several specialty editions, including a Star Wars-themed title.

Star Wars itself has become an entranced part of popular culture in the past 36 years and has now inspired one Dr. Ian Doescher, Ph.D, to retell the tale in iambic pentameter. The $15 book William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope was released this week from Quirk Books. The book’s trailer can give you a taste of the action.

If you’d like more of a sample, check out Episode 54, featuring special guest Francis Mateo. Mr. Mateo, just finished playing the part of King Ferdinand in the Shakespeare Forum’s production of Love’s Labor’s Lost; he also published a poetry collection, Ubre Ubre, this spring. Thanks for joining us this week, Francis!

Happy American Independence Day — yes, may this Fourth be with you, too. Go watch some Star Wars and play a few of the new levels in Angry Birds this weekend!

Episode 54: Presenting “The Pop Tech Jam Players”

A very special episode of PTJ as we present the debut of our very own repertory theater troupe “The Pop Tech Jam Players”. Actor and poet Francis Mateo joins us for a scene from William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope. In the news Google Reader goes offline; Yahoo cleans house; Sprint pulls the plug on the Nextel Network; and Windows 8 gains traction.